Reflective essay – Guilt

Being guilty

Guilt is an emotion associated with being remorseful. We scrutinize ourselves against an internally established code of conduct and may find that it becomes necessary to feel guilt for something said, done or possibly even thought. Guilt can have both negative and positive aspects ,it can be an incredibly powerful emotion, but also it can become a strong driving force.

Regarding the moral perspective, guilt originates in one’s  foundation of ethics. People experience guilt diversely due to their different approach to life in general. For example, one may feel guilty for a reason another would consider trivial. Lack of guilt in a certain matter is not necessary a sign of misbehavior, it only  shows that people are unique, that each perspective on life is unmatched.

As far as the educational aspect is concerned  there can be little doubt that schools and teachers have a significant part to play in the way a young person is integrated into society and in the way one experiences guilt. Through education a student is shaping his standards and morals and as a result the reasons for any future self-reproaches are established. Society altogether affects the individual and its conscience through its unwritten list of rules.

Looked at purely from a religious point of view, the guilty conscience is all along a mark of humanity. Recognizing one’s culpability means recognizing a mistake and, in all, the imperfect nature of humans. Generally, religions advise its believers to find forgiveness and convert  guilt in a positive feeling, by making it a motivation to grow and progress as a person. By doing this painful regrets become only beneficial life experiences and guilt loses its power.

All in all, guilt is a complex and a compelling feeling, the product of multiple and various factors, being caused by a wide assortment of scenarios. However, the key to overcome this state of mind  is to put its intensity in the service of one’s development.


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