Oral Presentation – Newspapers in U.K.

U.K. ~  Newspapers ~ Presentation

Topic: newspapers


  1. Serious minded newspapers (quality papers)

(broadsheet = a newspaper printed on large paper, usually a respectable newspaper )

  • The Telegraph
  • Financial Times
  • The Guardian
  • The Observer
  • The Independent
  • The Times
  1. Less serious papers(tabloids –the popular press)
  • The Sun
  • The Daily Mirror
  • News of the World
  • The People

 However, because they are easier to read like that, for example in cafés and on trains, some newspapers switched to a    compact format not more bigger than tabloids.

There are also a lot of newspapers for each contry( that is for Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland)


 Interesting facts:

  • The oldest newspaper: The Times- published in the United Kingdom since 1785 when it was known as The Daily Universal Register.
  • The most popular(most-read) newspaper in 2008-2009: The Sun (According to the National Readership Survey)
  • The most popular newspaper website: The Guardian(according to nielsen online)
  • There are newspapers which collect news from each of the major newspapers and combine it into one. Example: the The Weekend City Press Review (WCPR) summarizes business and financial news from 13 papers and distributes the paper electronically on a subscription basis.
  • The Guardian newspaper has a nickname: “The Grauniad”. One time, they printed their own name as “The Grauniad” and since then it has stuck as an affectionate nickname. It is also famed  for it’s abundance of typos(typographical error) and spelling mistakes by the time  it was published in Manchester (it was originally called the Manchester Guardian)
  • The biggest circulation between Sunday newspapers-News of the World
  • Publications like The Sun, The Times, New York Post  and News of the World are included in News Corporation he world’s third largest media conglomerate – the empire of the billionaire Rupert Murdoch(Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder)

The top 10 UK National Print Newspapers online:

  1. The Guardian
  2. Telegraph
  3. The Sun
  4. The Times
  5. Daily Mail
  6. The Daily Mirror
  7. The Independent
  8. The Scotsman
  9. Financial times
  10. News of the World

Online publication : Roman in UK


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